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it was over the 40,000 mark. baltimore city, baltimore county continue to be the big areas with nearly 130,000 people without power. howard, carroll, harford, you're slowly coming back to normal. you'll see under this there's a car. joce sterman came upon it today. >> reporter: that car is one of the stories. these people in the 1100 block of east northern parkway, they have a sidewalk to contend with. worse than that they can't get into their house. four huge trees are blocking their house as we speak. they have lots of cleanup. their story is one of many we saw over baltimore city today. if you want to get to judy willie wells' house it's going to take worth. >> this is the path way. >> reporter: four fallen trees have trapped wells and others. they have been yanked from the ground and pulling sidewalks with them. >> this is like hitting the lottery. >> reporter: not in a good way. >> no, not in a good way. >> reporter: you can't go a few blocks without finding another problem tree. in hamilton they've taken down power polls -- poles and wires. they are trying to get the electricity flow
. baltimore city place will staff police officers at all city movie theaters whether showing the dark night rises or not, this is not to alarm anyone or a response to any kind of real >> i think an attack at a movie theater hits home for individuals, i know other cities like new york have taken similar actions. we want to make sure people have an enjoyable time. the police are there. we are doing what they pay us to do. >> bay the time the matinee showing of the movie today, movie goers are aware of what happened in colorado. coming up we will speak with some of them and get their reactions as they walked in to our local theaters. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> the shooting forced the cancellation of the premier of the movie. crews spent the day taking down the red carpet display for the premier. workers were spotted along the front of theater. the studio released a statement this afternoon saying warner brothers and the film makers are deeply saddened to learn about this shocking inaccident. we extend sympathys to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time. >>> president
baltimore city police commissioner continues. officials say they have come up with a blue print for improving the department. jeff hager joins us with the details on this. >> in the tough economic times, some police departments cut jobs, pensions and in scranton, pennsylvania, they are only offering the minimum wage. the union leaders say the success in cutting crime here could be jeopardized if the department doesn't enhance recruiting and the benefits of the officers out there on the streets. we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of resources, and taking better care of the police officers on the street who got the job done for you over the last four or five years. >> they call on the department to require two years of college or military service for new recruits. fop brought in a consulting group and compared baltimore's police department to those of other cities to come up with the recommendations over the last year and hopes the search committee will use them to become the next top cop. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> firefighters took th
the flashing blue light has become synonymous with baltimore city as a one-eyed mascot on a beer can. for better or worse it is baltimore and a crime fighting tool mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has been looking to double down on since her days as council president. a bet she cashed in at wednesday morning's board of estimates meeting. >> the security cameras will be used in the application. when the database is complete it will allow police and control rooms to immediately identify a particular area where a crime is. >> reporter: thanks to a donation by the abel foundation the city will now develop a way for businesses and residents to opt in to the existing city watch grid. basically giving police access to the security cameras when a crime happens near them. it's optional but could exponentially increase the reach of catching crime on tape or preventing it. >> when you give us access to the cameras inside of the locations it just further stretches our arms. it gives us more ability to solve crimes. >> reporter: the police department is on board as this new application would gi
.2%. >>> in baltimore city, the scores reflect an improvement in math scores, but a decrease in reading. >> i think parents need to go to their schools. they need to understand how their schools perform. they're going to see that most of the schools made their targets. 70% of the schools made their goals in reading and math, 80's. 76% of the schools in reading. so they need to go to their schools and see how their schools did. >> now, we still have to see whether the scores will increase because of planned school construction, thanks to some new funding from an increased tax. >>> shop >>> shoppers, find out what congress is considering that could end the days of tax-free online shopping. >>> watch how some quick thinking saved their lives when we come back. [ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a f
. brown stabbed weatherford. >>> tonight baltimore city police are searching for suspects in a stabbing on reisterstown road on monday that backed up traffic during the evening rush hour. the three men were seen next to the 7 eleven in the 5100 block. they crossed the road. one man stabbed a victim repeatedly near the bus stop. the man collapsed when the suv ran over him. paramedics transported the man to a local hospital where he is still listed in critical condition. >>> tonight baltimore police need your help trying to identify this man. he's wanted in connection with a sexual assault. it happened in the 2300 block of aiken street. anyone with information is asked to call the city police department's sex offense unit. 410-396-2076. >>> new tonight, the catholic priest at the center of the landmark sexual abuse coverup in philadelphia was sentenced to six years in prison. he is the highest ranking church member. the lawyers claims he repeatedly told higherups about the abuse but was under strict orders not to remove anyone from the church. >> we welcome that level of interest -- >>> p
travelers.com. >>> 147,000. the numbers go down and back up. baltimore city, you're seeing better. 40,000 without power. at the height
. >> reporter: kelly, numbers don't lie. if the primary goal of baltimore city's police officer was to stop crime then his era is a step in the right direction. violent crimes, murders, and ra. in 2011, bealefeld's last year we had a little more than 9,000 report violent crimes, a 16% drop. last year's murder rated, the lowest on record since 1977. overall, crime did rise in 2011. most of that is connected to the increase in home and car burglaries. >> while the city works on a replacement, the deputy commissioner is now the acting police commissioner. he is card candidate for the full-time job. the mayor has selected a panel to pick the next chief. ken thompson was on the mayor's transition hall team. on the panel you'll find educators from johns hopkins, ron followed daniels, business leaders and president and investment of an investment firm and folks who work for city hall. >>> bealefeld is the fifth commissioner since 2000. it was headed up by ronald daniel. norris was in the position a bit longer. after norris came kevin clark who held it from 2003 to 2004. then leonard hamm from 2004
information on the book, head to our website right now at abc2news.com under the baltimore city section. >>> well, sum per time means -- summertime means more opportunities for your kids to play yod. >> and the jackson family turmoil continues. now who's in charge of watching michael's kids. [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games. >>> a new study out of denmark shows a group of patients have a higher risk of heart attacks. patients over 60 years old were more than 25% more likely to have a heart attack within two weeks of surgery. six weeks after surgery, the risk of heart attack dropped. >>> summer is a great time for kids to get out and play. sometimes accidents happen. it's best to prevent injuries. the type of shoes your child w
arundel, more than 1000 people in the dark. no power. baltimore, 10,000. more than 6000 people out in the city, and just under 200 without power in harford county. that's where we find cheryl conner. it is day 7 without power for some people in the forest hill area. how are the people dealing in this extreme heat with no power? >> reporter: harford was not one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to bge power outages. tell that to the people here and it doesn't matter. they have gone a week without power and haven't seen a crew yet and sitting in the shade get getting to know neighbors a little bit better. i got off the phone with a bge spokeswoman, a crew will be dispatched here tonight, that it was an underground line affected. bob evans has quite the story out here. your wife was going in to labor as the storm hit and you lost power. >> her water broke friday in the middle of the storm. we made our trek to franklin square in the middle of the storm. five minutes after her water broke our power went out. that was about 11:30 friday night. my son was born, casey, everything is
forecast, atlantic city 87. 88 in rehoboth beach. that water temperature a delightful 98 degrees with late day showers. baltimore's most accurate forecast, 71. muggy, mild, a lingering storm possible through the overnight hours. our best chance late tonight into tomorrow morning. the forecast for your two-degree guarantee around 93. warm, humid with the afternoon storms developing. again, talking about the heat, the humidity once again over the weekend. we'll call it unsettled. a chance saturday afternoon. more of an isolated threat for sunday. the better chance is south of town. monday we'll cheap chance in the forecast for monday as well. we'll call it humid, but you notice we're not saying 102, 103 we'll be talking about the 80s. >> we like to hear that on a friday that we will not swelter all weekend. >> you can make the check payable to cash and send it. >> we will do. that. >>> carnival food, chain saw carvings. it's everything you would want in one place. does it exist? how do we know. let's ask wyatt live at the harford county farm fair. are you juggling chain saws? >> no chain saw
baltimore area conditions sitting clear. that was not the case earlier today. one of those rare days where you go from cloud cover top showers -- to showers. we saw brighter conditions overtake the city as we worked into the afternoon. how about a look at laurel aboard the football field getting greener now that we had decent rain and skies clearing off nicely after morning rain and ocean city always a place to be in the last days of july. as we look toward the first days of august, pretty good beach weather beach side. let's take a look at the overall setup. 85 at airport. humidity moderate to high. winds are out of the east. that's holding temps down a it ll bit so. 90 for a high today at the inner harbor. hot, yes, but not the extreme heat we often see at the tail end of the month. the moisture levels, the humidity values are about as high as they ge. typically 70 or so. we can get dew points up to 75, 78. it can happen but it's unusual. we're in a high humidity situation. a heat index value. 91 in annapolis, what it feels like, heat plus humidity, that real feel temperature in the tame
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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